Who are NM Money Group

NM Money Group is a financial services business that serves over 15 million customers a month, that incorporates 200 branches in almost every large shopping centre in the UK (under our Eurochange & NM Money brands), has over 11,000 cash machines across the length and breadth of the UK (as well as an increasing European presence) issuing over £1 in £5 of the cash UK customers use in their day to day lives, playing a key role in the lives of millions of consumers.

Our business both operates as a partner to many large financial service business, such as Nationwide and Santander, as well as national supermarket brands.

Additionally we are the only vertically integrated ATM provider in the UK (service, sales, parts, engineering), and we are also now moving  further into financial services with the provision of mortgage advice via our NM Money mortgages brand; offering free phone based mortgage advice to all our customer through our branch network.

We are both a retail and corporate business servicing their very distinct needs – by creating solutions that make our consumers  money go further.

£275 Million

Our turnover in 2019

190 +

Branches across the UK

225 Engineers

Who fix more than 90% of issues in their first visit


ATM staff serving financial institutions

97% Availability

Percentage of service centre calls answered first time

Over 70 currencies

Across 194 countries

Our core values

Providing consumers and businesses with the best infrastructure for cash and other financial services from an integrated technology and payments business.

For our customers

A one stop shop. NM1

6 Cash Centres

With bases in London, Manchester, Glasgow, South Wales and Home Counties

Fee free

Mortgage advice & insurance

Best Gold Rates on the High Street

When buying or selling gold


In August 2006 the group installed the first through the wall cash machine. Since then, the business has gone on to acquire remote bank ATM estates and manage white-label cash machines for financial institutions.

In November 2014 the group acquired eurochange, a travel money business that was established in 1975. This further extended our range of transactional services to retail, business and bank customers.

With over 190 branches across the UK the recently rebranded NM Money takes care of thousands of transactions every single day. Supplying over 70 different currencies and to 194 countries around the world.

In order to diversify the NM Money Group, acquired a mortgage broker so that our branches now offer fee free mortgage advice, insurance and will service.

Some of our branches now have the ability to buy and sell gold with the best rates on the High Street.

In recent years the group has launched NM1 Express Banking Solutions for financial institutions. NM1 utilises the NM Money Group’s comprehensive suite of services – from shopping fitting and installations management to ATM hardware supply and transaction processing allowing NM1 to provide an end-to-end branch solutions.

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